Education In Africa

I was just thinking about African culture and education. Do you know education was only meant for males and girls were not allowed to attend school. Somehow it sounds fun and i kind of wish i lived in those times to be the first one to oppose that. But times have changed,actually now girl child is being put in for front until one thinks the boy child have been forgotten. However we still have pastoral communities who only think girls are meant to stay at home and be wives. They even circumcise them despite the government being against it. Right now it has become a fight between culture and policies.

Anyway i am glad things have changed.

I love Tom And Jerry

Last night when we came back, my little baby was shouting tom and jerry so I put it for him to watch will I made dinner. When his dad came back he wanted watching a match but my kid kept screaming until hubby had no choice but to leave it for him. After our dinner we all sat down and we didn't even know when we started watching tom and jerry with my kid. My hubby was laughing so loud I had to warn him about our neighbours but he kept laughing. When my kid dozed off on the couch, I expected hubby to tune back his ball but rather he drew near to the television and kept laughing, I couldn't help but laugh as I thought I was the only adult that enjoyed watching tom and jerry. Do you watch tom and jerry?

Orphan kids are our responsibility.

Hello friends. I have started giving some donation to orphanage since last few months as it gives some solace to my mind. Since childhood I always had a dream to help such kids once I will start earning of my own and now I have fulfilled it. It's not that I have started earning now. I have been earning since last 15 years but earnings were so small for me and my family's needs but now I have released that it's right time now to do some charity. And  I tell you guys I am happy with it. It's good to get blessings of such kids. It's really as surprise why people don't think of it they must donate some part of their earnings for them as they too our responsibility. It's just their ill fate that they don't have anyone to take care of and it might have happened with us too.

Protect Yourself From The Flu

It seems like the flu is running rampant through cities and towns all across the states.  Unfortunately, it seems the CDC is reporting that the flu vaccine this year missed the mark, and there is little to no protection from the strain currently running amok.  There have already been reports of at least 15 deaths attributed to the flu this season, and we have not yet reached the peak of influenza season which is somewhere in February/March.  As you venture out into the world, be sure to protect yourself from the flu!

1)  Hand washing.  Good hand washing is your number one protection against viruses.  Wash your hands often and well with warm soapy water.  Be sure to scrub under fingernails and past your wrists.

2) Avoid shopping and outings at peak hours.  To avoid large crowds and potential germs, avoid doing your necessary shopping when the crowds and the potential for flu transmission is the highest.

3) Wipe down carts before using.  Toss a travel size packet of Clorox wipes in your purse or pocket and wipe down those surfaces that are frequently touched by the public.

4) Use a corner of your jacket or a paper towel to open doors, especially to restrooms.  Anywhere that fingers linger, so does the flu virus.

5)  Keep your hands away from your face.  Transmission of the flu virus is often caused by hands to the nose and mouth area after touching infected surfaces.  Keep your hands away from your face and wash them frequently.

6)  Stay away from that Cold and Flu aisle!  If you must venture into the Cold and Flu medicine aisle for some reason, leave your kids at home or in sight off the aisle, cover your mouth, and touch as little as possible.  Remember that sick people head right to that aisle and pick up boxes to read while coughing and sneezing.  It is a cauldron for viruses.

7)  Avoid public indoor play areas whenever possible.  Kids are germ traders.  It is best to avoid arcades and indoor play centers during the peak of flu season.  All the precautions in the world are not going to help if your child sticks an infected toy in his/her mouth.

Has The Great British Bake off made Brits Better Bakers?

One of 2014's big events here in the UK was another series of The Great British Bake Off for many this has become an annual obsession with it's winning format of baked goods, rising temperatures, mistakes and the over use of the phrase "Soggy Bottom".

Those who have shares in Tesco eagerly await the shows arrival as sales of flour, sugar and cake decorating sundries never fail to go through the roof as the uk becomes gripped in a baking frenzy trying to emulate the creations the contestants offer up each week.

So After 5 years of the show I can't help but wonder how much of an effect the show has had on our baking abilities as we a nation. Have all those hours in the kitchen left us searching for more complicated recipes in order to shower our loved ones with sugary filled treats? Have we trawled the internet in search of ever more complicated recipes to perfect

Well according to Google trends we have not with the five most popular cake recipe searches being

1. Chocolate Cake

2. Lemon Drizzle Cake

3. Banana Cake

4 Carrot Cake

5 Sponge Cake

Looking at that list alone it doesn't look like we are striving for new heights in the world of baking. But hope is not lost. Any mother in the country with access to facebook,  instagram or a pintrest obsession will be able to see a very different picture emerging, as an army of friends share pictures of their increasingly mouth watering and creative baked goods.

This army of mothers is making their creations with little helpers standing beside them learning and dreaming up creations of their own. So while our generation may be rediscovering the basics and experimenting, our army of mini bakers are doing the same and when they gain control of the kitchen baking won't know what hit it

And I for one can't wait to see and taste the results.

Hydro Bills !

In Canada we call the electric bills Hydro bills, mostly because our electric power is from waterfalls or source of water.I am now sitting here writing to you snuggled up in blankets on my desk chair LOL. I am writing with my gloves on because I am not wanting to turn a small heater on to heat my bedroom.

In recent years that I have lived in my apartment (I have been here 13 years) I have used the electric heat in the ceiling to heat it and my bills have been $400 a month. This is more than I make a week. I now only heat my bedroom in the winter and it's time to turn the heater on because I can see my breath as I am writing this post.

I Hit The Wall!

Well I have hit the provebial wall.As in I can't think of what to write about.I hate writers block and it really hasn't been a big issue since I got here .I guess because everything is new.But today, well at least for the last few minutes, it has got me stumped.Usually I can go to socil media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google + and see something that sparks my interest but not so much today.Maybe they all have writers block too!And this is Tuesday which is just a weird day anyway.

Of course the good thing about CGP is that when that happens you can just go interact.Yes writing is good, but like I said, I post five maybe six posts a day usually.I have never been to the ten post a day limit since I got here.And I seem to do alright.So writer's block is not a death sentence here at all.Maybe it means it's just time to do other things.

Walking In The Neighborhood

It is a nice feeling when I go out to walk.

I want to see people going up and down,
the streets in the city where I live,
are paved and have curves,
easy to walk, easy to follow.

Days like today are needed, it has not been that cold,
not like in many states, mostly to the East coast,
where everything is snowed down, and only they can see,
the sun shinning for a few days.

I am happy to walk, and to look around,
to the things that I like,
gardens, people, clean yards, and beautiful plants,
that even with the cold nights,
they are happy to see the morning sun.

That is why I walk, every morning, every day,
to stay healthy and to enjoy my life.

Binge Watching on Netflix

As you know I am a big fan of Netflix. I switched off my cable years ago and have never looked back.I enjoy Netflix, because they offer both television shows and movies. They are always adding items to their streaming catalog.Right now, I am binge watching Royal Pains. There are 5 seasons available to stream. This show has comedy, drama and a little bit of action. It was better than I had expected.
What are you binge watching right now?

The Game Of Cricket

The game of cricket is originally an English game.England is the real home of this game.It is very interesting but costly.Only a few year ago football was the most popular game of  Bangladesh.But in the recent year the game of cricket dethroned it. Now,it is played all over the world.Generally the cricket ground is round like a circle. Two wooden bats,a ball,two sets of wickets and stamps and needed to play this game.The wickets are pitched in the middle of the field at a distance of 22 yards.Each team consists of eleven players.

What Is Your Passion

Passion is a word so excessively used and almost always blindingly paired with work, that if you actually ask around you may find that not everyone really gets what Passion is. At the root of it all , it points to that strong emotion you have inside of you , for someone, or something. And anyone who has ever succeeded in making a name for themselves would probably state their passion for the work/craft/industry as a reason for their success, for example some quate a passion to a hobby or a dream , but just because you love to sing , that does not necessarily mean that your passion is the act of singing.,but do you know yours?

Success In Multi Level Marketing

Awesome day to all!
Yesterday I was not able to post a single article I because I was busy the whole day. Then at night I had to attend an skills training conducted by an MLM company.
Last week Invested in a Multilevel marketing company. Their product is food supplements. When they recruited me I am very hesitant to join, because MLM or networking has a bad reputation. My friend is the one who recruited me. When I say no to him he told me that its ok if I would not join. Buy he said just try the product. And I said ok.
On the first week of using the food supplement. I noticed that my sneezing is gone. Before i take that supplement, even with a small change of the weather I will be sneezing already. Wow I am amazed of the product. On the second week of using the product my sinusitis is gone. I can say that beside with the health benifit I get from the food supplement, I also earning an extra income.


A Reliable Team Player

An invaluable skill for a reliable team player is to be an active participant in discussions. Begin by being a good listener. When you are part of a team, be supportive. Listen with an open mind to what team members have to say. Listen for hidden meanings. When it is your turn to contribute, express your ideas clearly but courteously so others understand your position. Be direct and honest in your assessment of the situation and possible solutions. Convince team members with valid facts. Allow time for feedback from other team members. Accept criticism by not reacting defensively, but instead seeing it as a chance to learn.

It Is Snowing !!

Well not surprising when I arose out of bed this morning and looked out my living room window and seeing it was snowing. My wife mentioned last night that he heard on the weather news that snow in the forecast. I am not much for the winter weather.

It is not a wet snow but more or less a dry snow. Now rather it may last or not I don't know. Good part is it is not slippery when I got dress and taken my dog out. I can remember in my younger years I loved when it snow for I would bundle up nice and warm and grab my sled and go sled riding. Had much fun making snow angels and snowballs. Now that I am in my older years, the cold weather has a great impact on my bones and having asthma it makes it difficult to breathe in cold weather.

"Oh, the snow looks beautiful the first lay. It reminds me of heaven's floors and how pure my son was when he was born. he was born premature and only weighed one pound. he lived for thirteen days. When the Lord called her home I looked out of her hospital room in the NICU and the first sight I noticed was the first snow laying. I looked at my wife and blurted out, God sent the snow to remind my wife and I that he arrived in heavenly safely.

Now every time I noticed the first snow laying, it reminds me of that day God called an Angel home who was my son. It inspired me to write a poem in his memory: Snow Angel the poem is titled. I am not fond of the winter weather but it is part of life and seasons. It is a positive direction one can look at when it is snowing outside.

Do You Believe In Quantum Medicine?

Quantum medicine is a medicine that views life, health and disease as a network phenomenon and uses statistics as its analytical tools. Quantum medicine's theory is that all devices and methods applied on those which claim to be treated, must first and foremost be connected themselves with the subjects of claims, and here it's not about people, but about parts of body which needs to be treated. A good connection is done, when the treatment process is adapted according to signals received back from recipient.

The Natural Beauty Of The Japhalank

The position of the japhalank is about 60 km from the city of Sylhet.He had put a different form of this japhalanke. This place is known for the amazing beauty of nature, as the daughter of the country's most popular tourist sites.In addition to the winter tourist season throughout the year from around the country rushed to japhalanke.Form of this meeting for all varieties.

Began to catch the beauty of the green from Jaintiapur Upazila. Standing on the right side of the hills of Meghalaya, India being a sorcerer calls.During the monsoon coming down from the hills of the fountain can be seen.Go down the path of high and low hill overlooking the port matching tamabil.Indian coal-laden trucks are standing in a row.Here is a important  for coal and stone business. India is one of the most beautiful cities from here to Shillong. Distance of only 80 km.Naturally passport, visa costs.

Fixing Your Eyes Upon Jesus And Him Alone

fixing your eyes on Jesus alone can make you be addicted and make you flow with the holy spirit.Today and today is a beautiful day that the the lord has made we rejoice and be glad in it.i want to encourage someone who might be discouraged in life and feel like you want to give up .make the decision to meditate on God’s goodness and the far the lord has brought you and the good things he has given you life and focus on His word and promises. Forget the past ,its gone good and bad, and fix your gaze straight ahead to the lord so you can move forward and see him and see the blessing and victory He has for you today.