I Hit The Wall!

Well I have hit the provebial wall.As in I can't think of what to write about.I hate writers block and it really hasn't been a big issue since I got here .I guess because everything is new.But today, well at least for the last few minutes, it has got me stumped.Usually I can go to socil media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google + and see something that sparks my interest but not so much today.Maybe they all have writers block too!And this is Tuesday which is just a weird day anyway.

Of course the good thing about CGP is that when that happens you can just go interact.Yes writing is good, but like I said, I post five maybe six posts a day usually.I have never been to the ten post a day limit since I got here.And I seem to do alright.So writer's block is not a death sentence here at all.Maybe it means it's just time to do other things.

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