The Natural Beauty Of The Japhalank

The position of the japhalank is about 60 km from the city of Sylhet.He had put a different form of this japhalanke. This place is known for the amazing beauty of nature, as the daughter of the country's most popular tourist sites.In addition to the winter tourist season throughout the year from around the country rushed to japhalanke.Form of this meeting for all varieties.

Began to catch the beauty of the green from Jaintiapur Upazila. Standing on the right side of the hills of Meghalaya, India being a sorcerer calls.During the monsoon coming down from the hills of the fountain can be seen.Go down the path of high and low hill overlooking the port matching tamabil.Indian coal-laden trucks are standing in a row.Here is a important  for coal and stone business. India is one of the most beautiful cities from here to Shillong. Distance of only 80 km.Naturally passport, visa costs.

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