It Is Snowing !!

Well not surprising when I arose out of bed this morning and looked out my living room window and seeing it was snowing. My wife mentioned last night that he heard on the weather news that snow in the forecast. I am not much for the winter weather.

It is not a wet snow but more or less a dry snow. Now rather it may last or not I don't know. Good part is it is not slippery when I got dress and taken my dog out. I can remember in my younger years I loved when it snow for I would bundle up nice and warm and grab my sled and go sled riding. Had much fun making snow angels and snowballs. Now that I am in my older years, the cold weather has a great impact on my bones and having asthma it makes it difficult to breathe in cold weather.

"Oh, the snow looks beautiful the first lay. It reminds me of heaven's floors and how pure my son was when he was born. he was born premature and only weighed one pound. he lived for thirteen days. When the Lord called her home I looked out of her hospital room in the NICU and the first sight I noticed was the first snow laying. I looked at my wife and blurted out, God sent the snow to remind my wife and I that he arrived in heavenly safely.

Now every time I noticed the first snow laying, it reminds me of that day God called an Angel home who was my son. It inspired me to write a poem in his memory: Snow Angel the poem is titled. I am not fond of the winter weather but it is part of life and seasons. It is a positive direction one can look at when it is snowing outside.

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